Rider incentives

Lyft, Bikes and Scooters
Project overview
Operating bikes and scooters is expensive. Each task has a cost. Some of those costs can potentially be offset by riders. There’s huge savings when riders are incentivized to help operations.
Lead designer
I worked with the product manager with whom I 
helped bring an incentive program called Bike Angels to life at Citi Bike. We worked together on our off-time to develop ideas, screens and prototypes to help us rally leadership around the concept.
Let's jump back to 2017
At Citi Bike, we developed a program called Bike Angels. This is a program where members earn points and rewards for taking a bike from 
a particularly crowded docking station or leaving a bike at a depleted one.

• A Bike Angel member sees points on the map.
• They can maximize points towards the leaderboard.
• Bike Angels rebalancing mores are 60-75% cheaper than rebalancing by van.
• Customers LOVED Bike Angels, with an NPS > 60% for the program.
Bringing incentives to Lyft
Building on the success of Bike Angels we discovered the best way to bring incentives into Lyft was to help manage battery swapping for the ebike fleet. The goal is to aggregate bikes so a field operative can swap batteries in bulk rather than searching for ebikes on at a time.

One area to engage with riders who may or may not be familiar with bikes & scooters is within Lyft’s main path (mode-selector). This surface allows us to consider the riders destination to present them with the best incentive. A free ride is a perfect way to onboard new riders to bikes and scooters.