MetLife Insight

MetLife call-center application
Project overview
When a MetLife customer calls customer service they connect with a call-associate who, at the time of this project, used 3-5 different systems (some of them "green" screens) to service that customer.

For a veteran it can be done. For obvious reasons, it's immensely difficult to juggle and makes training and employee retention very difficult.

MetLife’s call center leadership tasked the firm I worked with to fulfill the business requirements and user experience design to entirely revamp MetLife’s customer service platform.
Lead designer
Our main objective was to centralize everything (ie. billing, research, banking, customer benefits, claims) into one application that could be applied to the MetLife insurance verticals (Dental, Annuities, Vision, Health).

My role on this project was, firstly, understand the subject matter. With this understanding I could then create a framework to centralize the features scattered about in multiple apps and methods (eg. post-it notes).

I collaborated with 3 business analyst team members and the client. This included stakeholders as well as a liaison from a MetLife call-center. We delivered hundreds of wireframes (examples below) to illustrate to the client and development team how we recommend centralizing the call-center apps.
Call initiation
A call agent has multiple methods in which they can look up a client or provider when receiving a call from a customer. Many use cases needed to be considered, such as a caller that bypasses IVR, a caller who doesn't know their policy number but can offer personal information or even the new policy holder (maybe they just started a new job) who's social security number is not in the system.
Customer dashboard
Every customer has a dashboard that displays, to the agent, personal information, past interactions, correspondence and notes, policies, surveys, help guides, alerts and much more. The agent has the ability to re-direct the caller, switch caller and even add policies.
Agent dashboard
A call-agent has tasks assigned to them and is displayed on their own dashboard. The agent can also access the call-center's work queue to see the complete list of tasks. They can even pick up a task and re-assign to themselves.